Let us come together to provide the best quality immune-supportive packs for NHS frontline staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Let us help keep these wonderful people protected  
>> from the inside out <<

 The Frontline Immune Support Team was founded to make available some of the best quality immune supportive products on the market to help keep those on the NHS frontline resilient and strong.

Immune supportive packs are sent directly to each individual NHS healthcare worker who signs up for this initiative - and they receive all products for FREE.

We currently have hundreds of NHS staff already signed up ready to go; and with your contributions we can supply and reach thousands more.

The Frontline Immune Support Team have contacted the best suppliers in the immune support product industry.

Thanks to many kind and generous offers from these suppliers, all the products we buy for this endeavour will be highly discounted. This will enable us to pass on these products and services for free to as many frontline staff as possible throughout the UK.


Suppliers include: YourZooki , Altrient, Ainsworth Pharmacy and Pukka 

Packs include: 

  • Liposomal Vitamin C 

  • Vitamin D

  •  Zinc 

  • Many more incredible immune boosting products

And only the BEST!

~ Because those on the frontline deserve only the best ~

Liposomal Vitamin C is the best absorbed Vitamin C on the market. It is well researched and known to support immunity during times of viral pandemics. 

As NHS health workers are on the receiving end of an ongoing high viral load in the workplace, the Liposomal Vitamin C - alongside all the other immune supportive products in these packs, will give our wonderful frontline NHS workers the best chance to keep resilient and strong in these times 

>> from the inside out. <<


All we ask is for your kind financial contribution, no matter how small, to go towards funding and buying the best immune supportive products, and having them sent directly to NHS staff from the suppliers themselves. A FREE effortless service ~ For those who are in service to us all now on the frontline.

 To help deal with this unprecedented global pandemic  – the time to act is NOW. 

It's not just doctors and nurses who we are supporting. Frontline staff include paramedics, healthcare assistants, occupational therapists, social and mental health care workers.

More Info

To see the scientific evidence for the nutrients and plant products included in the Immune Support Packs read in the below...


Vitamin C
Has six known anti-viral functions and, in doses above 6 grams, has consistently shown to reduce substantially reduce severity and duration of infections. Liposomal vitamin C is the best absorbed Vitamin C on the market. The liposomal bit is a type of fat called a phospholipid encapsulation that allows an alternative route to get vitamin C into the bloodstream and can help get more in before hit ‘bowel tolerance’ since, in high doses, vitamin C can cause loose bowels. 

For full research and evidence please click here:





Vitamin D
plays a critical role in your immune defence system, both in reducing flu-like days of illness if your blood level is sufficient, and in helping your immune system respond when under viral attack. It speeds up recovery from pneumonia.Two in five adults have a level of vitamin D below 25nmol/l, especially in late winter months such as February and March, that is likely to almost double their risk of flu. A vitamin D level above 100 nmol/l correlates with the lowest numbers of flu-like days. The moral of the story is to get your level up as quickly as possible. Vitamin D is fat soluble so it stores in the body. 

For full research and evidence please click here:




Just about everything you want your immune system to do involves zinc. Without enough you don't grow T-cells or B-cells which make antibodies to tag the virus. Macrophages, which gobble up viruses, don't work and your whole immune army becomes inefficient and, ultimately, grinds to a halt. Zinc also dampens down oxidative stress, which is a hallmark of a viral attack and is anti-viral.

For full research and evidence please click here:





Cordyceps-Resihi Complex

  A number of epidemiological and clinical studies have confirmed the ability of mushrooms in general to increase the effectiveness of both our innate and adaptive immune responses to a range of pathogens including viruses but these two in particular stand out for their potential benefits in relation to the current pandemic.

For full research and evidence please click here: 






 Homeopathy has a track record handling epidemics: it is safe, easy to integrate in public health initiatives, quickly produced and distributed, scalable, and cost-effective. 

For full research and evidence please click here: 





Essential Oils

 are known for their antimicrobial activity. 

Studies have shown that certain essential oils are antimicrobial, and some have even been tested against influenza and other viruses. They are also helpful in relieving covid viral symptoms.

For more details please click here:






Charlotte Pulver has a background in natural healthcare, studying and practising various medical system +20 years. Encouraged by her success restoring clients including doctors and nurses with early symptoms of Covid-19, she was determined to deliver this essential immune support to NHS staff bearing the brunt of the health crisis.


Nutritional Advisor

Patrick Holford is a leading spokesman on nutrition, specialising in the field of mental health. He is the author of 37 books, including The Optimum Nutrition Bible, The Low GL-Diet Bible, and Optimum Nutrition for the Mind. In 1984 he founded the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, an independent educational charity.


Homeopathy Advisor

Tony Pinkus is the Superintendent Pharmacist & Technical Director of Ainsworths who manufacture and supply homeopathic medicines to HM The Queen and HRH Prince Charles. He is the Dean of Pharmacy at the Faculty of Homeopathy which provides postgraduate education for doctors, vets, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and midwives in the practice of homoeopathy. He is the author of 7 books on the practical use of homoeopathy for humans and animals and also teaches a course in Bach Flower remedies


Essential Oils Advisor

Maggie Tisserand  has been a pioneer in the use of essential oils to overcome infections & has written 6 books on the subject of aromatherapy. Her collaboration over a 5 year period with the University of Brighton microbiology department provided clear evidence that some essentials had the capacity to kill antimicrobial-resistant bacteria. This evidence, coupled with identifying other relevant scientific studies from around the world, ultimately led Maggie to write and publish ‘Aromatherapy vs MRSA’. 



 Dr Clare Relton is a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Trials at the Centre for Primary Care and Public Health at Queen Mary University London and an honorary Senior Research Fellow at ScHARR (University of Sheffield). She has a background in Philosophy and Complementary and Alternative Medicine.  The provision of frontline immune support is being audited using V-HAWK (Virus Health and Wellbeing checKer), a new tool developed by a team of health researchers led by Clare.



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Frontline Immune Support - Policy Document can be found - here


If you are a NHS Healthcare Worker and would like to receive a FREE immune support pack, please send an email with the following details to:


- postal address of where to send to

- proof of working in the NHS (selfie with badge)

- Job title